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As the premier Career and Job Fair in the region focused exclusively on careers in IT, this event is a unique opportunity to connect and engage with a broad audience including high school, technical college, and university students as well as community job seekers. You will have unique opportunities to fill both entry-level and other positions.




How to Get Involved!

Have a booth!

We are counting on NE Wisconsin employers to show area students and attendees what great IT career opportunities exist.

Do a Tech Demo!

Share the cool technology you and your company use to help solve business problems; share your origin story…how you became an IT superhero; share your entrepreneur journey

Provide Volunteers

This includes the Talent Café and overall event logistics. Volunteers are the face and hands of the event.


Benefits of Attending

  • Build brand recognition for your organization
  • Expose your business to hundreds of students and professionals in Northeast Wisconsin
  • Opportunity to connect with and educate the future workforce
  • Network with high school and college students, and community members
  • Engage in 1:1 conversations
  • Meet active job seekers
  • Conduct onsite interviews…target rich environment interns/FTE/immediate hire
  • Employer lounge – refreshments and lunch provided.
  • “Jobs Now” listing at the event
  • Grow your existing talent through our volunteer opportunities
    • Enhance presentation and communication skills
    • Be a role model for future employees
    • Share your IT superhero story
  • Educate students/community members about the role technology plays at your company by participating in our Tech Demos

What is the format?

The event will have three main components:

  • Job Fair – In this area employers, recruiters, schools connect with potential employees and students to fill vacancies within your organization.
  • Tech demos – These demos help students understand that all companies use technology to solve business problems, and that advanced technology (augmented reality, AI, etc.) is also used by local employers…not just in Silicon Valley.
    • Demos are roughly 15 minutes and are repeated on a 20-minute schedule. Half day and full day slots are available. The best demos are interactive and engaging for the audience, at times incorporating some form of hands-on component. As there may be exchange students attending, demos should be suitable for international audiences. If your company is interested in providing a technology demo, send an email with an overview of your presentation to Kim Iversen at
  • Talent Café – Passionate volunteers sharing what they do with students and community members, helping them to understand the variety of exciting roles within IT.
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